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Aspiring Champions President and Head Coach Stuart Miller is dedicated to improving the performance of the individual athlete. Our goal is to assist athletes to become faster, quicker, and stronger. Modeled after the collegiate matriculation process, AC guides athletes of all ages to their fullest athletic potential through a rigorous process of sports conditioning and movement training.


Aspiring Champions Programs:

Varsity Sport: $275/Month

(Athletes ages 13+)

Total Sport: $175/Month


(Athletes ages 7-12)


Both programs include six days a week of training with a
full time professional coaching staff.


Come work hard and play hard at Aspiring Champions in King of Prussia.


The Aspiring Champion’s training module is driven by a thirty item “Recipe for Success” that outlines exactly what a person needs to improve in order to reach their fullest athletic potential. The “Recipe” includes items such as Acceleration, Agility, Quickness, Strength, Power and Nutrition which are inherent to any performance enhancement program. Our program differs from the rest due to the inclusion of “intangible” items such as Mental Toughness and Competitiveness that cannot be measured using traditional methods but MUST be improved in order for an athlete to move their on the field performance to the next level. These intangible items are explored in-depth in our classroom sessions. Some classroom sessions at AC are interactive small group discussions that touch on sports nutrition, anatomy, physiology, mental skills, note taking techniques and much, much more.


Aspiring Champions imbeds the “Recipe” in all aspects of its training. The AQUA process (Agility, Quickness and Understanding Acceleration), which is the cornerstone of our training, is designed and implemented in manner that exemplifies the fundamental nature of sports competition. The challenging nature of the AQUA training not only helps an athlete acquire superior movement skills, but it also helps reduce injuries by developing and conditioning the muscles that support joints involved in those very actions. This three-pronged approach allows us maximize the time spent during AQUA training and replicates conditions that athletes will see when they are involved in competitive play.


The final piece to the AC training module involves muscular development of our athletes. We use research-based techniques to create age, sport, gender appropriate programs to enhance their muscular development. All athletes require muscular development through strength training regardless of their age or ability. Additionally, athletes do not necessarily need to have incredibly strong muscles as much as they need to be strong throughout a particular range of motion. Because of this, AC trains movements not muscles by using a combination of custom made strength equipment and state-of-the-art training techniques.


As indicated above, Aspiring Champions offers a complete training package for athletes who are looking to move from the bench to the starting line up, from starter to all-star, or from walk-on to scholarship athlete. Our training will take you as far as you would like it to go because:


There are only two reasons why most athletes are not successful:


1. They don’t know how
2. They make conscious decisions not to succeed.

(I’m not going to shoot free throws today)



Aspiring Champions is here to give athletes
ALL of the information they need.




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