Turf/Court Rentals

Aspiring Champions 45,000 sq ft facility houses a full indoor turf, NBA regulated basketball/volleyball court, weight rooms, and studios that can be rented out.

For further information, contact Owner/President, Stuart Miller at (215)990-5270 or via email: stubom@aol.com  and please be ready to answer the following so we can follow up with an accurate quote. Thank you.

Client Name: ____________________

  • Phone/E-mail: _______________________
  • Type of Rental : TURF  –   FULL COURT   –   HALF COURT      -TRACK   -
  • To be used for: ­­­______________________________
  • Date(s): ­­­______________________________
  • Duration (weeks, months): ­­­______________________________
  • Time: ­­­______________________________
  • Other Needs(Bleachers, Concessions): ­­­______________________________


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