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Aspiring Champions Sports Performance is dedicated to helping athletes become faster, quicker, and stronger at their chosen sport. Read what some of the AC athletes have to say!



“I have been training at AC for over a year now and love the workouts. Having a set plan on what workouts to do keeps me motivated and in shape. I’ve gotten better at the harder workouts too since I’ve been coming here.” -Sam Agostini

“So far after a couple of months training at Aspiring it’s a hard workout, but in a good way. I’m totally buff now and I love the cardio from class.” – Grant Behmke


“I like getting stronger, faster, and being pushed to the limits. I have bee training at AC for a year now and I’ve lost weight and have more muscle definition.” -Joey DeSimone

“Coming to Aspiring for the last 2 months has helped me gain speed for the ladder drills. I like all of the instructors because they are nice, but tough.” -Abbie Coar

“The trainers are interesting and have taught me a lot! My speed has improved and now I can see muscles and I feel stronger.” -Chris Blakeley

“For the passed 3 weeks I have been coming to AC the classes give me a challenge and good everyday workout. I’ve definitely improved my stamina and gotten stronger from training at AC.” -Mckenzie Hallstrom

“I’m 9, almost 10, and I’ve been training at AC for 2 years. I love everything here! I’ve gotten better abs and footwork and I want to keep improving.” – Isabella goes to Holy Family and plays basketball and softball

“This is my first year coming with my sister and brothers to AC. I really like doing the ladder drills and I’ve gotten better already since I started.” – Marc DeSimone age 7 enjoys basketball and baseball

“After 2 years of coming to Aspiring Champions I pretty much like everything here. I’ve seen a bunch of improvements and I just really love working out here.”   -Cristian DeSimone

“I’ve been training at AC for about a year. I like the great workout the coaches give us and meeting new people is awesome! I’ve become a lot faster and quicker as a softball catcher. I really like going to Aspiring!” – Maddalana G.

“I like working out at AC because it’s a good workout and works around my sports schedule. I play softball, basketball, and field hockey. I’ve gotten stronger, faster, and have better coordination.” -Shannon

“The facility at Aspiring Champions is huge and the different trainers keep the workouts interesting and fun. I have better footwork and am a lot faster thanks to AC!” – Erin Mann

“After 4 months of training at Aspiring Champions I’ve gotten faster and I have better stamina. I love the trainers and the people here! I also love Steve! – Ali Bruckner goes to Del-Val Friends and plays tennis

“I’ve trained at AC for a year now. I’ve seen improvments in my strength, stamina, and speed. What I like most about AC is that the trainers are very personal and help you individually.” – Cody Ridgway

“I’ve been training at ac for four years , my improvements were that I got faster , stronger and learned how to work harder and strive to be the best I can be, and my favorite part of training at aspiring was test days because I could see if my hard work was paying off and what I need to work on.” – Teron Dobbs

“I’ve trained at aspiring champions for about five years I love all the trainers theyre super nice but they also push you to always work hard. Over the past few years it’s become more and more of a family environment everyone is very welcoming and everyone supports each other.” – Mackenzie Kleespies

“I have to say training on the bikes and lifting is my favorite part of working out at AC. I’ve only been here for a month and half and I’ve gotten stronger and have better stamina.” – Danny Snarponis goes to St. Joe’s Prep and plays basketball and soccer

“The coaches and the good training is why I come to AC. I’ve improved in the drills more since being here for 2 years.” – Gabby Legendre goes to Upper Merion and plays soccer, track, and basketball

“After training at AC for the last years I’ve gotten much more fit and I love the trainers.” – Autumn Wedderburn attends Agnes Irwin and plays soccer and basketball

“I’m 14 and have been training at Aspiring Champions for over a year now. I train to get better at football, basketball, baseball, and golf. I like the agility and power drills we do in class. I have gotten quicker, stronger, and much faster. Training here helps me become an overall better athlete because of the hard work I accomplish here.” -Ricky Venuto

“From training at Aspiring and working with Stu I have lost weight, put on lean muscle, changed body shape, and am much stronger. I’ve been here for about 9 months and I like the equipment and drills because they vary and are challenging.” -Jamie W. 

“Being able to train 90 minute drills is awesome! After 1 year of being at Aspiring I’ve gotten faster and stronger.” – Chris Balch goes to Conestoga and plays socer

“I like doing the ladder drills at Aspiring Champions and the coaches are amazing!” – Madison M.

“This is my 3rd year at Aspiring Champions. The best part of training is the running and the ab workouts. I have gotten much, much faster over the 3 years!” -Samantha is a freshman at Conestoga HS and plays basketball and lacrosse.

“I am thankful for people like AC who help me become something better. Having fun Is cool but becoming the best is awesome. Keep up the good work guys!! 11.6 to 11.1 WOW (in one week)
James Wilson

“I have known you for a long time and watching what you did for my sister made me want ot start training with you too. Since I started I have become a better athlete! Thank you for everything, especially our awesome hugs! Xoxo
MaryKate DeLong

“Aspiring is like no other, it’s the best workout that I have experienced yet. Even though you tire me out at times it’s worth it. You’re tough but an awesome trainer. I’ve been with you for four years and I’m looking forward to the rest! Love Ya!”
- Susan Boyer

“I came to Aspiring Champions to improve my strength and endurance. After being here for only 6 months I already lift much bigger weights! I like Aspiring because they have better trainers and tougher training than I’ve seen before.” -Brian Weiss

“I have been training at Aspiring Champions since I was in middle school. I love the coaches because they have helped me get faster at soccer and helped me make a team that I didn’t make the year before. Thanks Aspiring :-)”  -Becca

“I have bee training at Aspiring for 3 years because it keeps me in shape, introduced me to weight training and how to manage my workouts, definitely made me faster and more agile. I play soccer and have utilized AC for improvement. Aspiring Champions has helped make me by far in the best condition on my team, whether in sprints, suicides, long distance I was always first to finish. My favorite athlete is Andres Iniesta.” -Joe Anzur

“I love the staff. You make a hard workout fun. Your “unique” sense of humor makes the time fly. Thanks for all your help. I really think this training will make me a better athlete.”
- Caitlin K.

“AC has taught me so much: confidence and my physical boundaries (or lack of) I love it here!”
- Karie W.

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