Spring 2014

Hey everyone, great seeing you all around the gym.

If you haven’t been here in awhile, what are you waiting for?! A lot of great energy going on at Aspiring Champions and 8 Days Later Gym. That’s right, improvements moving right along. Our sport performance classes are grower stronger by the month. The gym memberships continue on, but seems to be hard finding the gym crowded at any one time of day; refreshing. Have a question or comment, let us know, we want to hear about it! Say HI to Stu, Steve, and Adam as they take care of the facility and the members in it.

*$25 per month gym membership with 1 year contract, NO sign up fee!

*$35 per month, no contract, no sign up fee!

We have equipment for all type of training for all type of people. Stop by today!






*Billing information required at time of membership purchase. Cancellation notice to emily@aspiringchampions.com withing 7 business days of billing.

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