Athletic Scholarships

We are very proud to announce all of the scholarships awarded to athletes of Aspiring Champion’s sports performance program under Stuart Miller. The athletes that attend our programs walk into the facility geared up and full of energy to train hard and play hard.

   Athlete                            College                             Sport                          Testimonial

Joe Anzur         Wharton School           Soccer     “I have bee training at Aspiring for 3 years because it keeps me in shape, introduced me to weight training and how to manage my workouts, definitely made me faster and more agile. I play soccer and have utilized AC for improvement. Aspiring Champions has helped make me by far in the best condition on my team, whether in sprints, suicides, long distance I was always first to finish. My favorite athlete is Andres Iniesta.”

Max Perisse:    University of Buffalo    Football 

Charrell Mack:    Lehigh University    Track   


Fred Santarelli:    Towson University    Football   

David Alyanakian:    Lynchburg College    Lacrosse

Joseph Lisicky :   Lynchburg College    Lacrosse

Peter Schwarts:    Harvard    Lacrosse

Chad Kolumber:    Kansas University    Football   

Tucker Durkin:    Johns Hopkins    Lacrosse

Devon Maugle:    University of Connecticut    Volleyball   

Teron Dobbs:    East Stroudsburg    Football   “I’ve been training at ac for four years , my improvements were that I got faster , stronger and learned how to work harder and strive to be the best I can be, and my favorite part of training at aspiring was test days because I could see if my hard work was paying off and what I need to work on.”

Gabby Pelura:    Emory University    Soccer   

John Mcgilligin:    Shippensburg    Football   

Cody Ridgway:    Eastern University    Lacrosse “I’ve trained at AC for a year now. I’ve seen improvments in my strength, stamina, and speed. What I like most about AC is that the trainers are very personal and help you individually.

Mackenzie Kleespies:    James Madison University    Volleyball   

Alexa Swann:    Virginia Tech    Volleyball   

Liz Fedele:    University of North Carolina    Field Hockey   

Nicole Lott:    UNC Wilmington    Volleyball   

Eric DiProspero:    Johns Hopkins    Lacrosse      “I have trained at AC since December 2011 and have had a great experience with Stu and being flexible of my college schedule. After the first week I immediately noticed improved foot speed, agility and change of direction. After another few sessions I felt my endurance and top speed improving greatly. At the end of my training time I felt like a completely new athlete. I finished top 5 in our condition test upon returning to school. The thing I love most about AC is that the staff is always ready to work on what you feel you need to work on, with additional expert advice. They know when to push you and know when to back off. They are extremely positive and ready to motivate. Even the warm ups get you going!

Rebecca Bate:    Air Force Academy    Volleyball   

Abraham Jaward:    Wesley College    Football  

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