Kettlebell Training

Attention Athletes!
This is an opportunity to learn from and train with two of the best Coaches in the world.June 2-3, 2012
Aspiring Champions & DV8Fitness
$499 (discounted rate) if you register by May 1st

Whether you or your child play Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Football, run, or simply lift weights    at any level … this is your chance to learn the fine details and proper techniques of the four core lifts that will give you the ability to produce more power than you’ve ever imagined for yourself, without injury. Taught by two world famous-and the all time winningest-legends in the powerlifting industry, this is a one time opportunity, unless I can convince them to do it again. Marty Gallagher and Kirk Karwoski. Google them, and make sure you YouTube Kirk’s 1000lbX2 squat.

Don’t think you need it? Think again. Incorporating these lifts into your program and only focusing on the techniques taught by these coaches will keep you on the field playing and feeling literally stronger than you have before. Follow the program and you are guaranteed to lift more than you ever have before … and continue to grow those numbers for as long as you would like.

From Phil Scarito, host: See MY YouTube for my lifts. You will also find my pool jump there. What I have learned through these men, who are my lifting coaches-as well as FMS and Kettlebells-has gotten me to the point of being able to jump clear out of a pool, as well as deadlift over 400lbs easily at 5’2″ and 145 lbs.

Best of all, right here at Aspiring Champions you have Phil Scarito of DV8Fitness to help you along after the event and keep you on track with any questions.

For questions on this Event and to Register please contact
Phil Scarito at Aspiring Champions # 610-306-3627

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